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Our vinyl replacement windows are the ultimate in premium windows; combining performance, function, and beauty to enhance your home's style and maximize your energy savings - all at a surprisingly affordable price.


Our state-of-the-art windows have been designed and specifically created for maximum energy efficiency and the proof is in our window's performance.  The NFRC established energy procedures for fenestration products and developed the only uniform, independent rating and labeling system for the energy performance of windows.

Energy Performance Ratings for Our Super Replacement WindowsU-factor, SHGC, Air Leakage and Visible Transmittance are expressed as a number between 0 and 1.

U-factor - Windows lose heat in 4 ways; conduction, convection, radiation and air leakage. The rate at which a window loses heat through any of these four ways is called its U-factor (U-value). The lower the U-factor, the greater resistance to heat flow and better insulating value.

SHGC - Solar Heat Gain Coefficient is the fraction of solar radiation admitted through a window, both directly transmitted, and absorbed and subsequently released inward. The lower a window's SHGC, the less solar heat it transmits; however, too low of a SHGC will reduce a window's visible transmittance (VT) darkening a room and creating an increased need for using interior lighting.

Visible Transmittance (VT) - The percentage or fraction of visible light transmitted by a window.  The higher the VT, the more visible light that enters through a window.

Air Leakage - A measure of the rate of infiltration around a window in the presence of a strong wind.  The lower a window's air leakage rating, the better its airtightness.

The results show that our windows are definitely top performers that are well worth your investment with maximized energy savings.  But there's more...Much More!

The Total Package


Our quality replacement windows boast a number of standard features including:

  • Purefusion™ - Our non-conductive fusion welded vinyl frames are made from pure virgin vinyl. Since the frames are reinforced to provide structural integrity the profiles can be narrow to provide maximum glass area and aesthetics. The result is a replacement window that looks like it was always meant to be there.
  • DuraSash™ - All of our sash frames are reinforced with heavy gauge extruded aluminum to provide superior structural integrity. In fact, our window is one of the few welded vinyl windows on the market to have an AAMA C-30 rating.  Also all of the our hardware is anchored into aluminum so that screws will not work loose as vinyl expands and contracts.
  • DuraSeal™ - The latest in warm edge technology from TruSeal, the inventors of warm edge. This non-conductive spacer system provides the best thermal performance available today. DuraSeal™ saves energy by insulating the frame and edge of glass 50% better than U channel roll formed metal spacers and 90% better than aluminum spacer bar.

  • Windjammer™ - Most windows rely solely on weather stripping to seal between the sashes and main frame on a double hung window. Eventually weather stripping will wear down and need to be replaced. Our unique Windjammer™ collapses when the sash is tilted in for easy cleaning and pops back out to provide a positive seal when the window is closed.
  • 1/2" Durable Fiberglass screen with extruded aluminum frames
  • Integrated lift rails for sashes
  • Full 1" double glazed insulated glass package
  • Double vent night latches
  • Double positive hidden Cam-Action locks
  • Metal to metal fasteners (top sash with rail lock)
  • Cadmium force balancing system
  • Independently tested by NCTL for structural performance
  • Certified to meet LC-25 commercial structural rating
  • NFRC certified and labeled for assured thermal performance
  • 55 Year Transferable warranty including seals, non-prorated

Our premium quality replacement windows feature a number of upgraded options including:

  • StyroTech™ R25 foam fill -Our master frames are filled with an insulating structural foam to provide maximum protection against conduction. Our proprietary foam material is injected into the profile for maximum fill. 3 1/2" of StyroTech™ material has an R value of 25.
  • Three premium XL glass package upgrades with soft coat LowE/Argon or Krypton gas filled double or triple pane IGUs for maximum thermal performance.
  • Frame structural reinforcement upgrade to meet AAMA C-30 rating commercial grade structural integrity for higher floors or larger openings.
  • Full metal or fiberglass screens custom fitted to a brick mold screen track and color-matched to window exterior.
  • AccuMatch™ stainable or paintable interior woodgrain
  • AccuBond™ 26 exterior or interior color choices


Let your imagination run wild and create the home of your dreams with our designer options.

  • Details like molded screen tracks and beveled contours will allow your home to look its best and increase its value.
  • Frames are specially designed with attractive narrow profiles to provide maximum glass viewing area to brighten your home with natural light.
  • Formulated to compliment the most popular home decors, choose from 26 AccuBond™ interior and exterior color options.
  • Bring your home's exterior to life with integral grids in smooth or sculptured styles and color-matched to your windows.
  • Enhance the beauty of your rooms with the richness and warmth of our AccuMatch™ interior woodgrain frame specially designed for staining or painting.
  • Add designer V-grooved glass or decorative Jewel and pencil grids.

Quality from beginning to end...that's what you should expect and that's what you should get!  Check out our SuperWindows with maximum energy saving features.

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